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Despite the name, we are trying to highlight our players full potential in all categories, scoring, defense, hustle, rebounding, their overall game, but who doesn't want to see players Get Bucketz

Featured athlete of the week

John Guerra scores 45 points 
Our Mission

Our mission is to get the players reconized, especially the players in the 845. There is alot of talent in the area that goes unseen.

We also provide training services in all aspects of the game, ball handling, defense, speed, quickness, shooting, rebounding. Guaranteed to see improvements in your overall game. from ages 8-up..Even College
We’re always happy to welcome new members, whether they’re beginners or advanced, and we invite anyone interested in basketball to come by and see our work.

Business hours for training

If you want to set up training let us know

                   845 248 2753

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